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What is hard water?

You’ve heard the term, HARD WATER. What is it really and why should you care? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content. In most cases, it contains calcium and magnesium, often with traces of other minerals.

The more calcium and magnesium is present in the water, the harder the water. This occurs as a natural result of minerals like these accumulating during the water cycle. Because this is a natural occurrence, water hardness is typically present in well water, and even city water. The presence of hard water can often vary, as a result, from area to area within the same state.

How concerned should you be about hard water? Technically, hard water is safe to drink, clean, and wash with, but over time it can lead to costly problems like:

  •  Ugly stains in sinks and tubs

  • Higher water bills because water appliances work harder

  • The cost of replacing clothes and linens ruined by hard water


Signs of hard water?

  • White, chalky residue or spots on dishes and in your dishwasher

  • Clothes and linens that feel rough and look dull

  • Scale buildup on faucets and ugly stains on white porcelain

  • Dry skin and flat hair – because soap just doesn’t lather or rinse completely away

  • Low water pressure from showers and faucets due to clogged pipes

  • High soap usage & need for fabric softeners


      Degree of Hardness                                                        Grains per Gallon (gpg)                                           ppm (or mg/L)

         Soft                                                                                                    <1.0                                                                                         <17.0

        Slightly Hard                                                                                     1.0-3.5                                                                                     17.1-60  

        Moderately Hard                                                                              3.5-7.0                                                                                         60-120

       Hard                                                                                                   7.0-10.5                                                                                       120-180

       Very Hard                                                                                             >10.5                                                                                        >180

Click here for national data on hard water occurrence from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Living Water systems can help treat hard water.

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