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Living Water Treatment is a one stop solution for everything water treatment related. Our aim is to not only meet but exceed your expectations in every aspect in your interaction with us.


Full Service: We are a full-service Water Treatment company with expert staff. No water problem is too tough or too technical for us to tackle. We’ve seen it all and fixed it all -- even the most perplexing water puzzles.  


Quality: When you hire Living Water Treatment; you can count on getting the job done right the first time. We know talk is cheap, but proof is in the quality of work we’ve done. Our goal is getting each job done right at a cost our customers want to pay for high quality work. 


No Risk: We are a no-risk Water Treatment Company. We take pride in and responsibility for our work. We finish each project in a timely manner with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Customer Service: We take our customers to heart. Once you become a customer of ours you are not just a receipt but become part of the Living Water Family. Without you, we don’t exist. You can count on us like a best friend in a time of need. We tell you what’s wrong and what needs to be done. Then, we get right to work to fix things immediately. We follow up by providing you with advice on maintaining your Water treatment helping you to prevent future problems.

Living Water Treatment values you as our customer and we care about your home. We promise to leave our work area better than when we started. Call today 616-344-6706. We will listen to you, analyze and diagnose your water and give you a quote, so you will not have any surprises after the job is done.


Living Water Treatment exists to be a value added Water Treatment company. 


Our customers receive the highest quality work at a competitive price.  Customer satisifaction is guaranteed.

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