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If you are looking for a high-quality water softener, filter or reverse osmosis system but don’t want to purchase it outright, a rental may be the perfect solution. Our program allows you to rent the system you need and get it installed right away without the large upfront costs associated with purchasing.
How the rental program works:
All of the systems that we sell are eligible for rent – water softeners, iron and odor filters, reverse osmosis systems, and refiners.
Most rental products will be brand new, but you may have the option of a lower-priced reconditioned system (if available).
Up-front costs include first month rent and one-time installation fee (usually between $100-200 depending on the job difficulty).
The installation fee will cover the removal of any old equipment that you would like us to dispose of, as well as filling your new system with salt.
At any point, you can decide to purchase the system outright, in which case we’ll credit you up to 12 months of rental payments towards the purchase price.
Living Water Treatment covers 100% of all service charges (parts and labor) for rentals.
You will never be charged a fee for us to service the equipment.
Get the Ball Rolling Today!
If you would like to learn more about our water softener rental program, give us a call today at 616-275-2954. We can discuss options with you over the phone or schedule a free in-home analysis if you would like usto make a professional recommendation in person. 
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